The AFL And NRL Grand Final Weekend Is Set To See Wet, Windy And Wild Weather

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The AFL And NRL Grand Final Weekend Is Set To See Wet, Windy And Wild Weather

QLD, NSW and Vic will all be affected by this multi-state storm outbreak.

It’s been less than one month since the BoM announced the arrival of La Niña, one of the two main climate drivers that affect Australia’s weather and the one associated with increased rainfall across the entire-freaking-continent. (Featured image: Tim Donnelly)

Well, that increased rainfall has arrived with the east coast of Australia expecting, on average, 30mm to 50mm of rain over the Grand Final weekend with some areas predicted to receive as much as three times that amount.

However, Friday is still primed for being the wettest day across the states. This rain, though, is going to continue into next week as well and not just stick around for the weekend. Inland areas of all three eastern states are likely to be the most affected; however, the BoM has warned that coastal regions will not be spared.

What’s the cause?

A low-pressure system is moving east across Australia and is joining up with moisture in the atmosphere, which in turn will create severe storms, damaging winds, hail, and the almost certain likelihood of flash flooding across each of the eastern states. In fact, this weekend will likely see areas receive the highest amount of rainfall they have seen in months.

On Saturday, the first AFL Grand Final to be held outside of Victoria in forever is likely to be affected by these storms and there has already been talk that postponement is a possibility if lightning begins to light up the sky around the Gabba. The AFL does have an extreme weather policy but hopefully it won’t have to come to that. Nonetheless, this inaugural interstate final is going to call for the league’s best ball handlers to show their stuff.

The NRL, on the other hand, is going to see 15mm of rainfall on Sunday dampen the field of play for both the women’s and men’s Grand Final, which will be followed up by another 20mm downpour on Monday. Will the wild weather help out the team nicknamed the Storm? Or will the Panthers be able to win their first final in seventeen years? In the NRLW final, the Roosters will try to prevent the Broncos from winning their third premiership in a row.

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