Our Beloved Golden Gaytime Ice Creams Are Now A Popcorn Snack

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Our Beloved Golden Gaytime Ice Creams Are Now A Popcorn Snack

Ice cream and popcorn are a true-blue winning combination.

But making a popcorn from an existing ice cream—Golden Gaytimes no less—is absolute genius and the person responsible for this idea must stand up and take credit. Whether now or in next year’s Australia Day honours, we don’t really care. We just want genius and service to the Australian community to be acknowledged.

We also want to stuff our faces full of Golden Gaytime Popcorn because…. Does there need to be a because? Isn’t it self evident? 

The Food Finds Geelong Instagram, an Australian and International snack review page, found the new popcorn snack at Coles and has said that although the taste isn’t exactly the same, there is a resemblance with ”lots of creamy toffee coated popcorn with milk chocolate drizzle as well as creamy vanilla biscuity coated popcorn”, which sounds poppin’ incredible. It’s everything we love about the ice cream sans the ice cream.


Both can be purchased from Coles in 100g packs for just $4-65. However, if you prefer that they come to you, then you can jump across to the Coles online shop and snatch up 20 of these genius creations at once. The only downside is that you’ll have to wait for the delivery before tucking into the golden goodness of Golden Gaytime Popcorn.

We’re also getting the slight urge to buy Golden Gaytimes ice creams and dip them into the popcorn just like we do at the cinemas. It might be overload, but we only live once. The Golden Gaytime popcorn also comes in a chocolate flavour but we’re suckers for the original. Our other option is teaming up the Golden Gaytime Popcorn with another new(ish) addition to our supermarkets—Messina’s Gelato Bars! 

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