Use This Website To Find The Best Christmas Light Displays On Show This Festive Season

Jordan Clayden-Lewis Jordan Clayden-Lewis

Use This Website To Find The Best Christmas Light Displays On Show This Festive Season

Every year there are some neighbourly neighbours that go above and beyond throwing up a cable of fairy lights, sticking up some festive words, and calling their Christmas light display complete. Instead, they meticulously plan their Christmas light displays days, weeks or even months in advance as the best designers do, and when the time strikes they get to work setting up and decorating.

Once they’re done, they sit back, relax and watch the faces of children and adults light up as they stand in awe at the dazzling display of light and colour. Reasons abound as to why these neighbourhood heroes light up their homes but no matter why, we just know that they spread the joy.

We love it as much as we love this time of year where we can jump in the car and go marvel at all the bright lights flashing and twinkling in the night. But, to save you from driving around aimlessly searching for bright beacons of light in the distance, there’s a handy website that helps you find not only all the displays in your area or your city, but also across the entire country.


That website is Christmas Light Search. It works by users submitting their Christmas lights display with a bit of info like if the display has been confirmed for this year and when the lights will be on as well as a description of what visitors can expect to see and hear. (Some add a more detailed description than others.)

Find Christmas light displays around the Gold Coast here.

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