IKEA Will Buy Your Old Furniture For Up To Double The Normal Rate

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IKEA Will Buy Your Old Furniture For Up To Double The Normal Rate

IKEA are championing sustainability and upping the ante on their Buy Back scheme.

In an attempt to make the company more environmentally-friendly, IKEA launched a new recycling scheme in Australia last year where they would purchase your unwanted IKEA furniture for up to 50% of what you paid, and would then resell these items as second-hand. (Photo by Alexander Isreb from Pexels)

Well, this year they are taking it up a notch because as part of the Black Friday sales, or rather the new Green Friday initiative that began a few years back, all IKEA stores across Australia will be accepting used furniture and, in exchange, offering customers an IKEA voucher worth up to double of what they would normally be compensated.

Although not all of their iconic items can be returned in this scheme, the list is pretty extensive.

Sideboards, bookcases, shelving, small tables, dining tables, office drawers, desks, chairs, stools and some children’s products all qualify (as long as they aren’t made with upholstery fabrics). Got on old Billy bookcase that has overstayed its welcome? Why not return it for some free money? It’s a no-brainer!

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So, how does the Buy-Back Friday deal work?

First of all, only IKEA loyalty club members are able to get double the rate back for their unwanted furniture during the Black Friday period this year. But, anybody can sign up. Do it here. 

As long as the IKEA furniture is fully assembled, unmodified and clean, customers can return their used furniture to any store. And depending on the condition of the product, they can now receive up to 100% of the value, which was previously capped at only 50%. This will be in the form of an IKEA voucher to be used in-store.


For a rough estimate as to what your old IKEA furniture is worth, head over to their online calculator. But remember, it’s just an estimate and does not guarantee the price you will receive in-store.

The items returned to IKEA will be then sold as part of their ‘As-Is’ departments back to other customers at discounted prices. However, anything that isn’t sold will be donated to community projects helping those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Or, recycled.

Speaking of the program, which is being run in 27 countries around the world, Pia Heidenmark Cook, the group’s chief sustainability officer, has said that the Buy Back scheme is part of their continued attempt to form part of the circular economy so that we can ”eradicate waste and create a cycle of repair, reuse, refurbishment and recycling.”

Last year, IKEA was able to give 47 million recovered products a second life by repacking and reselling the items in stores.

The Buy Back Friday deal will run between November 24 and December 3. For full terms and conditions, click here.

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