Gaia, The Immense Replica Of Earth At HOTA, Will Remain On Display Until Wednesday

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Gaia, The Immense Replica Of Earth At HOTA, Will Remain On Display Until Wednesday

GAIA, the seven-metre wide self-rotating replica of Earth, is spectacular—and free.

As part of the Wonder program, Gaia invites viewers to experience the ‘Overview Effect’, the experience astronauts feel when first seeing the Earth from outer space. Originally, the installation was going to remain in place only until Sunday, 11 October. However, due to popular demand, its run has been extended till Wednesday, 14 October, 8pm.

Designed and created by UK artist Luke Jerram, Gaia has toured internationally and its appearance at HOTA marks its Australian east coast premiere. It is the companion piece to Jerram’s earlier work, Museum of the Moon, and continues his reflection on the beauty and fragility of our Earth.

The installation at the Outdoor Stage at HOTA is accompanied by a musical score by BAFTA-award winning composer Dan Jones, which helps to create a welcoming and tranquil space where visitors are able to take up a spot on the lawn and watch the Earth go round and round and round.

Whether visiting during the day or going in the evening when the giant model replica is illuminated, viewers will share the experience astronauts have when out in space and hopefully renew their sense of responsibility to our only home.


Enjoy Gaia with Return To Earth, a contemporary dance, music and circus performance , on Saturday, 1o October, and witness how these disciplines respond to the awe-inspiring installation and explore our interconnectedness. However, very few tickets remain available so you’ll need to be quick.

Go see Gaia before it’s too late.

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(Featured image: Tangible Media / HOTA)

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