18 Images Of The (Almost) 50,000 Strong Crowd Witnessing Queensland’s State Of Origin Triumph

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18 Images Of The (Almost) 50,000 Strong Crowd Witnessing Queensland’s State Of Origin Triumph

What a night! What a win!

You don’t need me to go over last night’s historic Queensland win over the Blues. Not after the build-up we’ve had — being called the worst Maroons team ever, and also being one coach short just a few months out from the opening game — and not after last week’s thrashing. But all that’s behind us now, and the State of Origin shield is ours for the first time since 2017. (Featured image: @carlesrgm)

But I’m sure you know that last night’s game was historic for another reason as it is thought to be the biggest crowd to watch a sporting event anywhere in the world since the beginning of the pandemic. In my book, I’m chalking that up as a second win for Queensland because just to be able to get to a point where we could pack Suncorp Stadium to (almost) capacity is one significant feat. And one, we think, that should also be celebrated.

How many showed up to spur Queensland to victory? A whopping 49,155.

After months of uncertainty and restrictions, last night’s game was also a test to see how well we, as a community, have done. However, only time will tell us those results. In the meantime, this was Suncorp Stadium last night, chock-a-block with Queenslanders.

Outside Suncorp Stadium

1. The Decider

2. You could feel the tension in the air

3. Building as kick-off ticked closer

Inside Suncorp

4. The crowd slowly got bigger

5. And bigger

6. And the atmosphere grew electric

7. How was your view?


The fans

8. Were obviously excited

9. Beers in hand

10. Mates together

Game time

11. All there for the same reason

12. The Maroons

13. Except for that one mate

14. But we don’t feel bad

15. Nope, we actually feel pretty great

16. Obviously

17. Cheers Queensland

18. Wait, can’t leave without a selfie


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